Register your fax machine with Exfax for fax-to-email.

Every fax machine can have a unique transmitting subscriber identification (TSID) that identifies it to the receiver.

Register your TSID setting here, together with your email address and a list of recipients.

Then any fax you send to via Exfax will be automatically converted to a (multi-page) TIFF file and forwarded as an email. The document is then deleted from our server.

Fill in the blanks below to register your TSID and email. The only blanks that you have to fill in are the TSID and email section.

Your fax machine's TSID:
This is to identify your fax machine to us. It is set via your fax machine menu.
It should be unique in our Registry. It can be your company name, fax number etc.
Your email:
This is the address where faxes identifed as yours by the TSID will be sent. Use the simple form of email address only. It will not appear in the registry.
Your name:
This is optional. It will appear in the registry with your TSID. If you designate other recipients below, they will receieve the fax by email as originating from you.
Other recipients:

This is optional. If entered, faxes will also be sent to these email addresses, and will be shown as originating from you. Enter a list of recipient email addresses, separated by commas.


Current list of phone numbers where faxes may be sent for email forwarding.


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